1992 In Music: The Wrap-Up

Boy, that was First World torture. As we discussed when we began our walk-through of year’s No. 1 songs, 1992 was a wonderful year for music, but not a good year for chart-toppers. The Hot 100 was dominated by goofy nonsense (“All 4 Love,” “I’m Too Sexy,” “To Be With You,” “How Do You Talk To An Angel“), unnecessary and/or dull remakes of songs from the 1970s (“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” “I’ll Be There,” “I Will Always Love You“), and ballads with the impact of Ambien (“This Used To Be My Playground,” “End Of The Road“). The only No. 1 songs to come out of 1992 that we’d voluntarily listen to today are the two brilliant, groundbreaking hip-hop classics (“Jump” and “Baby Got Back“) and the incredibly gorgeous, timeless, perfectly produced ballad “Save The Best For Last.”

But the good news is that 1992 was actually one of the best years for Pop music ever. Here are 51 of the hundreds of other singles from 1992 that were more deserving of the No. 1 spot than most of what reached the Hot 100 summit:

You’d be doing yourself a huge service to give these songs a listen. On to 1993 we go! …

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